When you’re at work your mind is focused on the task at hand, you probably don’t think about your body until it starts to ache. Ignoring tension in your shoulders, neck, or back can result in injury over time.

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints and it could mainly be attributable to weak core muscles. Strengthening your deep core muscles goes beyond a flat stomach. You will have better posture, appear more toned and less likely to have back injuries.

Here are two sets of exercises under 5 minutes each to help you build stronger core muscles and keep your joints flexible.

Stretch often to reduce tension and improve your balance..



Get up and stretch!


Take just 3 minutes to do this core strengthening workout video.




Prolonged periods of sitting or physical inactivity are strongly linked to heart disease and obesity, among other illnesses. A study by the University of Illinois found that taking brief breaks can vastly improve your productivity.

The series of stretches below can be done at work without any equipment or a change of clothes. Here’s what you get after just few minutes of stretching:

  • relaxed shoulders and a feeling of tension melting out of your wrists and fingers
  • a straighter spine and greater circulation into your hips
  • a lovely stretch through the sides of your body
  • release of tension in your throat, chest and neck area
  • the curve back into your spine for better posture
  • instant stress release and a flow of energy to your brain


Strengthen your core


This core movement regime targets your transversus abdominis, the deep abdominal muscle that supports your back & spine and helps you to:

  • enhance posture and aid your stability
  • easily manage everyday activities like getting up from a chair without using your hands
  • stand and sit upright and tall with good posture
  • improve your balance
  • maintain digestion and metabolism
  • prevent osteoarthritis, as well as muscular and joint aches

The aim of all our movement hacks is for you to develop a relationship and routine with your body so that it feels strong, healthy and energised.


Do you take regular stretch breaks in your work? Have you noticed how strengthening your core can reenergise you? Tell us your views below.


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